Friday, 11 October 2013

Blonde Quick-front Wig

(I actually finished one!)  :D

It has been ages since I posted anything.  Life has been crazy and I just haven't had much time to ventilate, let alone update the blog.  However, I just finished a new piece that I'm really happy with!  It is a blonde, Marilyn Monroe lace front wig.  Actually it's a 'quick-front' as the back is a commercial ready-made half wig, and it's only the front that I ventilated myself.

I bought two synthetic half-wigs on eBay.  I cut one down a bit and added a lace front to it.  Then I used the hair from the remaining wig to ventilate the front of the new piece.

It still needs to be cut and styled, but I'm pretty happy with it, even as-is.  I will post better photos once I have a chance to take some, but in the meantime, here is one I snapped on my iPhone: